Will you have a Black Friday deal next year?

Will you have a Black Friday deal next year?

About a year ago, I launched Unlock to help developers make a living doing what they love; building amazing software.

As a developer, you are solving problems every single day. These problems are often universal or, in other words, good problems. Good problems that can be solved and sold. This makes your path to financial freedom easy, safe, and guaranteed! So start your side project this weekend, solve a good problem, and you can have your very own Black Friday deal next year. And remember, Unlock is there to help you along the way.

To give you an example, let's look at a few of the Black Friday deals from developers selling at Unlock 🔥

Wire Elements Pro

Beautiful handcrafted Livewire components. Enjoy the modal, slide-over, spotlight, and insert component and screencasts with up to 30% off.


All your favorite Laravel Horizon features (and a few new ones) are packed into a single desktop application—a must-have productivity booster for every Laravel developer - 30% off lifetime license.

Filament Onboarding Manager
This package allows you to design beautiful and fully integrated onboarding experiences for Filament Admin. Make it painless for your users to start using your app or SaaS and prevent them from dropping off.
View item - 15% off

Share your programming ideas or examples with pride on your social media, blog, or marketing page.
View item

Filament Media Library Manager
This package allows you to give your users a beautiful way to upload images to your application and manage their library.
View item - 15% off

Filament Notifications Pro
This package allows you to integrate Laravel-notifications into your Filament Admin application.
View deal - 15% off

Philo Hermans

Philo Hermans

Software Engineer, Laravel enthusiast & Business NLP Practitioner. Previously founder & CTO @ Wonderkind.

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